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A Sloth As A Pet!

By Royalty Trends September 20, 2018


Sloths are not only beautiful and extremely cute, they are also some of the slowest animals on the planet. These creatures are loved all over the world, though they are native only to the south and central America. The Sloths always keep a smile on their face and they really know how to relax in life! They have much to teach us.

A Sloth as a pet has the characteristics to be family-friendly, cuddly,  playful and easy going. The sloth as a pet also has a very long life. He can survive for more than 30 years. It is no wonder that the interest in buying and owning a sloth as a pet has risen in popularity.


Can you legally keep a sloth as a pet in the United States?

While it can be done, purchasing a sloth as a pet is not something that is for everyone.  The ease of ‘just having’ an exotic animal has gotten quite difficult in recent years, as local authorities and the USDA have cracked down on casual ‘pet buyers’ that try to shirk the system through underground exotic animal resellers. The actual legality of owning a sloth is totally dependent on the laws - state, county, city and local - where you live.  Exotic pet permits can be required. the good news is, it is certainly possible to own a sloth as a pet!


What is it like to keep a sloth as a pet?

The care of a pet sloth is very demanding, even relative to other ‘zoological-type’ exotic pets. Just like other exotic pets, the sloths are very expensive to care for. Knowing the animal’s behavior is the most important thing to accomplish first. Be prepared. Get to know someone (a roadside zoo is a good start) who owns a sloth and work for them for a while so you can see what it is like to have one. Should the need arise, you will need to have a vet on tap who knows how to treat a sloth. As soon as you sloth gets sick or injured, you wouldn't want the vet guessing on what type of anesthetic or antibiotics your sloth can tolerate. If you have a zoo close by, you could find out who their vet is. Zoo vets often have their own practices.


Should I get a Sloth as a pet?

Sloths actually make pretty good pets, especially if you interact with them a lot. Make sure they have a good climbing environment because it is what they do in nature. You must do your research and learn how to provide a proper diet. Always keep them clean because their fur can be infested with mites however they will not affect you, nor your other pets.

The drawbacks of keeping a pet sloth can be very important to discourage some people from buying one. Apart from the fact that it is difficult to buy them legally, their price can be significantly high. The price of a sloth typically starts at around $6000.


Sloths are indeed a challenging animal that should only be attempted by experienced people or owners willing to research and pay attention to very small details. Sloths also require the proper temperature gradient and humidity levels, giving them the added difficulty that many reptiles and amphibians demand. Upon learning this, sloths should seem less appealing to most who viewed them as a ‘fun’ pet, but a committed owner can take on the task. If you are passionate about sloths and can’t wait to own one I recommend having a daily reminder with you that reminds you of your future goal of owning a sloth as a pet. Here is our recommendation to you.

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