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Top 10 Halloween Costumes 2018

By Royalty Trends September 17, 2018

If you are looking for the latest, the trendiest and most creative Halloween costumes, then you've come to the right place!

Most Scary Halloween Costumes For 2018

Feel great with your costume choice! We have picked up some awesome ideas for you! So let's  start:

10. Pennywise From IT:

Have you seen the latest IT film or read the book by Stephen King? This clown is iconic for all generations! Wear it, adults and children will run away from you!
THE PERFECT HALLOWEEN MASK: Get the mask from this summers scariest film "IT" the shape-shifting demon clown after the children of a small town called Derry. 


Pennywise Movie IT Costume Best Halloween 2018 scary pennywise costume


9. Daenerys Targaryen from Game Of Thrones:

Do you want to become Daenerys Targaryen storm born on Halloween Party? Here it is! This item is an exact replica of the dress Daenerys Targaryen wears in the TV Show "Game of Thrones". Wearing this dress, you will completely become the mother of dragons in the party! 


daenerys targeryen mother of dragon most iconic costumes for halloween 2018 game ofn thrones tv show


8. Thanos, Avengers Infinity War:

Thanos is the villain of all time! He defeated the Avengers! Be for one night the most powerful villain.


avengers infinity war best costume 2018 thanos mask and guantlet top halloween


7. Assassins Creed Costume:

We believe you when you say that you have the skills of an expert assassin! You certainly look like a professional when it comes to infiltration and espionage, and your free-running is unmatched! But even all that isn't going to get you recognized as a prime candidate to join the Brotherhood of Assassins. Nope, sorry, but you need to impress them with your sense of fashion as well. Don't think that all of your training has gone to waste just yet, though. We might have just what you need!


assassins creed perfect costume for halloween 2018 freak for games halloween 20186. The Purge LED Light Mask:

Get a little scarier this Halloween with some creepy costumes from The Purge. Grab the mask, cover a dress or your clothes in fake blood and that's all you really need. This costume can be done in a group, with your S/O or solo as well!


the purge mask diy halloween costume 2018 easy and quick last minute halloween costume


5. The Night King, Game Of Thrones:

Come at me, bro.

You know the meme, now step into the role of the Night King with this terrifying Game of Thrones mask. You might have ambitions of beating up on pretty boy Jon Snow, you might want to get around a certain wall that's blocking your path, or you might just have an unyielding desire to have the biggest zombie army in the history of the world. Whatever your motives, you can effortlessly slip into the role of premium television's number one ominous evil doer when you add this mask to your authentic White Walker costume.


night king best costume halloween 2018 game of thrones costume halloween

4. Wonder Woman Costume:

With her cuffs of invincibility, her invisible plane, and her lasso of truth she's the best crime-fighting woman in town. Wonder Woman, the great and glorious Amazon from Themiscyra, is the fearless and first female member of the Justice League.

She's taken on some of the toughest enemies on the planet and fought beside everyone from Batman to Superman. And not only does she have a long list of incredible superpowers, but she's also a determined warrior and her years of training have made her a top-notch tactician and martial artist to boot. And have we even mentioned how fantastic her hair is no matter how many bad guys she's beating up? Phew. This lady has really got it goin' on.


new wonder woman costume  halloween 2018 best wonder woman saxy costumes halloween 2018


    3. Bay Watch Lifeguard:

    If you want to show your body this Halloween this is for you!
    You just need a red bathing suit on hand! Really easy for both guys and gals!
    Michael Myers Mask From Halloween: Scare everybody with this mask! You will have the newest and most scary Halloween costume of the year! The best of all? You just need the mask! Easy but unforgettable!

    baywatch costume halloween 2018 bet diy and cheap costumes 2018


    2. Michael Myers Mask, Halloween:

    If you're a self-described horror fan then you know of all the reasons to appreciate Michael Myers's character. Sure, he doesn't have an obsession with chainsaws or the ability to appear in people's dreams but he conquers just about every slasher classic out there. No one could argue that good old Michael has maintained a bloody yet diverse resume throughout all of his many movies. We're pretty sure that there's not a job market for that, thank goodness.


    michale Myers halloween 2018 movie costume mask horror movie best costumes

      1. Sound Reactive LED Glowing Mask:

      These masks are the hit of 2018! Perfect for parties! This mask reacts to sound! The result? Amazing effects! Simple but so original!


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